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Walk. Run. Roll.
Playground Fundraiser
Online Pledges/Donations accepted. 
Click on the button to support an EVCA student!
Walk. Run. Roll.
Playground Fundraiser
Online Pledges/Donations accepted. 
Click on the button to support an EVCA student!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019
7:00 pm @ EVCA Library

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2nd Amendment Gun Raffle

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1st place - HOWA HCR Bolt Action Rifle 6.5 Creedmor

2nd Place - FN American 506 Tactical, Semi Automatic 9mm

Drawing Friday December 20th, 2019 at Pizza Barn

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God, Guns & Harley's

Make America Great Raffle


Over $5,000 was raised for EVCA!

 Congratulations!! to the 1st Prize winner of the     2005 Harley, Marcos C. from Moriarty       
Ticket #414
       2nd Prize winner of the Henry Big Boy Rifle                   D. 'Mac' McLaughlin from Cedar Crest               Ticket #293

Current Fundraisers

Current Fundraisers

Smith's Inspiring Donations

Our Role

The EVCA Foundation’s role is to take the needs of the School and the Governing Council (GC) and turn them into tangible items.  The three temporary buildings and grounds EVCA occupied in Moriarty, were the result of countless hours by the founders and other volunteers to get the school open in 2012.  These facilities were leased due to the limited availability of school type facilities in the East Mountains to support the school.  The lease agreement ran from 2012 to 2017 and was extended until the school was able to take occupancy of the new permanent facility in Edgewood, November of 2018.  We're very excited about the new building, which  better supports our needs and long term goals as a first class education experience.   
To achieve this goal of a permanent facility required a two-tiered approach. 
First, the School needed to succeed and establish itself as a true classical academy with measurable academic results.  Second, we as a school (Foundation, Staff, Parents and GC), needed to make commitments in volunteer time and funding necessary to continue to grow the school into what the founders and Hillsdale College envisioned in early 2012. 
Funding for public Charter Schools in New Mexico is not covered at the same level as regular public schools.  Because of this, the Foundation needed to either raise the funds to build a facility or have enough collateral to borrow funding for a permanent school building, that is paid back to the lender over time.  With the help of John Solarczyk (Ziegler Finance), the Foundation secured a commercial bond with Michele Newland of RPM Capital Management to finance the new facility.

Our History

The Estancia Valley Classical Academy Foundation (EVCA Foundation) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.  The foundation was established in 2012, with the founding of the school to provide facilities, and as a way to accept funding from outside sources, according to NM State Laws governing Charter Schools.  In essence, the Foundation serves as the “landlord” for the buildings and grounds, and assists in raising money for non-operational needs of the school. 

Organization and Areas of Support

The EVCA Foundation is a volunteer organization, currently staffed by 7 volunteers, which enlist other volunteers (staff and parents) to help with efforts to raise money for the school.  These money raising events held over the past four years have supported numerous improvements to the grounds, as well as, the student experience during the school year. The following are several examples of ongoing Foundation support: 
  • School dances are funded and supported by the Foundation and run with parent and staff involvement. 
  • Playground and sports equipment. 
  • Improvements to the grounds with sidewalks and ground covering. 
  • Funding for Teacher Training at Hillsdale College or other Classical Charter Schools. 
  • Assistance funding for Students to attend Hillsdale Summer Sessions. 
  • Funding for emergency operational needs such as paper and supplies.