EVCA Foundation

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Our Role

The Estancia Valley Classical Academy Foundation (EVCA Foundation) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.  The foundation was established in 2012, with the founding of the school to provide facilities, and as a way to accept funding from outside sources, according to NM State Laws governing Charter Schools.  In essence, the Foundation serves as the “landlord” for the buildings and grounds, and assists in raising money for non-operational needs of the school.

Organization and areas of support

The EVCA Foundation is a volunteer organization, currently staffed by 5 volunteers, which enlist other volunteers (staff and parents) to help with efforts to raise money for the school.  These money raising events held over the past four years have supported numerous improvements to the grounds, as well as, the student experience during the school year. The following are several examples of ongoing Foundation support:

  • Playground and sports equipment. 

  • Improvements to the grounds with sidewalks and ground covering. 

  • Funding for Teacher Training at Hillsdale College or other Classical Charter Schools. 

  • Assistance funding for Students to attend Hillsdale Summer Sessions. 

  • Funding for emergency operational needs such as paper and supplies.